Sunday, 10 June 2012

Quash the rumors

Quash is an amazingly different Irish/folky style singer/guitarist based in Liverpool, I was lucky enough to see him in the Lomax a short time ago. I have since seen a lot of comments about him floating around cyberspace and thought I better show my appreciation to him before the crowds take him.  He had me hooked from the first note. He is one of the most unique acts I've seen in a very long time. He is not what I expected at all, with his gravely, strong voice and folksy tunes grabbed he my attention immediately and his extremely well written songs were a pleasure to witness. Overall an excellent musician and it excites me the fact that he is so young and has so much time for massive success. He puts me in mind of old Irish rebel music and I was waiting for a version of 'Armed cars and tanks and guns' at any moment, he really is a breath of fresh air. The most innovative artist in Liverpool right now, he has first collection of songs out now ' Out of the woodwork' so I urge you all to have a gander.

For more info on Quash go to..

The first Rockwhore ft Global Onslaught night

Saturday 2nd June 2012 – what a night!
Line up:
Chris Hose
Something Personal

Hell of a night! The crowd really did make this an epic night so thanks to you all for coming complete with stage invasions, topless men and an appearance from Bez apparently this night had it all. I must give a special big up to Frank at the Lomax for having such a great venue and always a crazy host. You rock!

The night kicked off with Chris Hose. An excellent start to the show!  A relatively new acoustic artist from Liverpool who is making a name for himself throughout the city. He has such a brilliant voice one of rock but that transcends effortlessly into this acoustic set up. His tunes are catchy and sung from the heart. His interaction with the crowd was effortless and he managed to turn his set into a very intimate affair. He got the crowd warmed up just right and they clearly loved what they were hearing.  ‘Watch the clouds’ is a song that never fails to send shivers down my spine and get me singing along. Such a catchy song  but the lyrics – ‘does God really exist or is it just stone age hippies taking the piss’ has me in heathen uproar, with my profession being the oldest and good old Mary Magdalene on my side leave it out.  Just having a laugh the lyrics really are great and I know it’s written from the heart and experience. 

Grimanga where up next and I couldn’t be happier that they were gracious enough to join in the Rockwhore night.  They were a joy to behold and it was so great to see a band having fun onstage as much as they did. You can’t help enjoy it with them and join in as the already forming mosh pit showed us. Can’t recommend you catch these lads enough they were so tight as a band and I hope to have them back to the next Rockwhore night very soon. Everyone I spoke to were so impressed with the lads and they really are a great bunch.

Up next were our new favourite Welshmen Something Personal. This was there last gig with their current drummer and I think you could tell as they went hell for leather. They went down a storm; they are so full of charisma and have an excellent onstage presence and energy.  Playing to the away crowd they had the mosh pit in full on riot mode and it was clear everyone loved them.  They have such melodic songs that you will be singing long after the gig is over and Jono has a voice that put me in mind of a more recent Billie Joe Armstrong (Never a bad thing). Overall very impressed with our visitors from the valleys and can’t wait to have them here again real soon.

Crowd favourite and UK up and comers Overspill were the headliners for tonight’s events.  It has to be said it was one of their best sets to date.  The lads were tight and clearly raucous. A stage invasion from a Bez hopeful and the t-shirts and bras that were thrown onstage were all taken in stride. They kicked off with the heavy riffed ‘Run for your life’ leading straight into a popular crowd favourite ‘Heavy Smoker’. Awesome!
The extra-long set the lads got went down a treat with their football hooligan like crowd, who were only spared on by Nick coming down into the crowd for a bit of interaction where he was consequently mobbed by Overspillians.  ‘Where are my bones’ was superb and I for one can’t wait for a recording for my IPod! This was the lad’s last gig before they set off for the sunnier climbs of LA and Vegas as they are embarking on a West coast tour of USA in July. I am sure all fans will join me in wishing them all the luck in the world and hope to see them in the UK very soon.  They ended their set with the rock hard ‘First time on my own’. I was honoured to be plucked from the crowd to join them onstage to sing the last chorus with Nick. I can tell you I was one happy whore!

It was an amazing night and hopefully lots more to come!
Please follow the links below for more info on the bands featured.

Twitter @grimanga

Twitter @chrishose1

Twitter @sptwitta

Twitter @overspillmusic

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hush now and listen up!

Thanks to the Global Onslaught team and website I was lucky enough to discover some really awesome new/upcoming bands. The website is a one stop shop for all your 'new music' needs from all over the world. Living in Liverpool there is no need for me to miss out on the happenings of a new band in say Australia or to miss anything about my new obsession (and admittedly girl crush) The Hush.  Check the site out, you will not be disappointed, there is so much going on out there in music land that you should not miss! The site complete with podcasts, video of the week, band bios and all the info you could possibly need....
The Hush is such a well put together band with melodic songs and such high onstage energy. I recently listened to ‘Hold You Down’ the hook of this song sent shivers down my spine and I have not stopped listening since. What an amazing voice and totally hot too ;-) Ironic that they are called The Hush as they totally blew me away.
She can put anyone under her command with this voice and embodiment of pure power, attitude and sexual prowess. With great riffs and a gang of musical talent this band will just grab you. With a 7 song EP (Scene of the Crime) under their belts, singles and now an awesome premiere video this has got to be a band to watch out for in 2012 and I can’t wait to catch them live.
The Hush is an LA band that is gaining well deserved recognition. A unique female fronted rock outfit that are ‘Rock’ but also extremely commercial. This band can travel across the genres and ‘the pond’. They would be a smashing success in old Blighty I can tell you.
You could look upon other female fronted rock bands for comparison but you would be at a loss as there is definitely NO comparison. I guarantee you will not be able to switch them off!

More info on The Hush can be found at…

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I am sure all of you reading this would like to join me in wishing the Overspill guys a massive CONGRATS! on their management deal with the mighty Global Onslaught.  The news was announced on Saturday 3rd March to great response from fans and friends over text, facebook and twitter. This is so well deserved and I'm sure this is going to be a great partnership.

On the Global Onslaught website the news was announced:
"Overspill announce new management deal".
"Global Onslaught are proud to announce new management deal signed today that will keep the Overspill train rocking in 2012/2013 and beyond".

Global Onslaught UK CEO Adam Hayward said, "We are really proud to have signed such a great and promising band like Overspill, their attitude and commitment to hard work is second to none, we hope by taking on management responsibility for the guys it will help them to concentrate on being the truly great artists they are".

Well said Adam we couldn't agree more!

So in true Overspill style, a coach load of rowdy scousers will be decending on an unsuspecting Blackpool to celebrate this at the legendary rock venue TACHE, Friday 23rd March.  If you haven't already got your ticket, get in touch ASAP as there are only a few left.

Congratulations again guys, you deserve it! See you all in the mosh pit xxx

For more info on Global Onslaught
Twitter - @adamshradio @superwomanau

For more info on Overspill
Twitter - @overspillmusic

For more info on Tache Blackpool

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lomax gets a good seeing to by Overspill

Saturday night 28th Jan the Lomax played host to the mighty Overspill.

Downstairs at the Lomax filled up quickly, drinks were flowing, anticipation was mounting.  This gig was Bassist Adam Knox first 'home' gig and everyone had turned up to show their support.  When the lads hit the stage the atmosphere was electric. The 'mob like' crowd were ready for anything.

They kicked off under the bright lights of the Lomax stage, with the heavy riffs of 'My Peeling Skin'. "Turn down the lights that burn my peeling skin" The crowd sang (or rather chanted) back at the top of their lungs in sync with front man Nick, bouncing in time to Vince's mental drumming.
The crowd was already rocking when the guys burst into to 'Heavy Smoker' a massive crowd favourite. Being in the crowd was certainly not for the faint hearted. The mosh pit was insane and there was even a welcomed stage invasion which only seemed to spur the band on.  We later learned this was a "Welcome to the band" for Adam by the self proclaimed mosh pit leader David Brown.

Finished another amazing set with 'Run For Your Life', Nick approaches the front of the stages and took a greatly enjoyed mobbing by the fans. What more can I say, it was a hell of gig!

The guys were extremely grateful to all that showed up and if you want to catch the guys gigging near you be sure to check out their links below.

Twitter  @overspillmusic

See you next time in the mosh pit x

Friday, 13 January 2012


Friday night 6th of January Camden's famous Dublin Castle played host to Liverpool's very own Overspill.

The venue itself is great, very welcoming and the back room is a perfect size for creating that intimate feeling for gigs. The stage however was a bit on the small side, with barely enough room for the band, amps, kit, pedal boards and egos.

The lads kicked the set off with crowd favourite 'Heavy Smoker'. Its hard, fast tempo together with front man Nick's strong, gravelly voice and hooker fucking lyrics never fail to get the crowd bouncing. A superb set list tonight including the immense 'Pills For The Pain' and my personal favourite 'Anaesthetized', this has the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

This gig was new bass player Adam Knox debut, he was cool, calm and never missed a note.  A debut gig to an away crowd wasn't going to be easy, but he blew us away. An awesome performance from them all, I can only imagine what's to come at his home crowd debut, Saturday 28th January at Liverpool Lomax.

Those of you attending the Lomax gig are in for a treat and a surprise or two. I am saying no more than that!

See you all in the mosh pit!

Twitter: @overspillmusic

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


A new breath of life for the Liverpool music scene!

After the sad demise of The Masque Theatre it's great news to hear the re-birth of The Lomax. I am told they intend to drop the 'The' but being scouse I imagine this won't happen ;)

A massive congratulations to Frank (Talk2Frank) and Carl on their joint venture, taking over the Lomax and in time giving the music scene in Liverpool a real good kick up the arse.  In a city so full of talent, love and passion for music it's great to see a venue with a good ethic when it comes to giving bands a chance to show us their stuff!

Frank says: “I don’t believe in bands having to persuade people to come down and pay four quid on the door to fill a quota. We want the best up-and-coming acts here playing to a packed house.”

With Lomax and Erics re-opening the future looks bright for the live music scene in a city that is legendary for its music. We mustn't loose this! So I wish Lomax all the luck for the future and urge you all to get your arses down there and show your support. A great night is guaranteed, brilliant atmosphere and the chance to watch some really great up-and-coming bands.

Thursday & Sunday - Acoustic/Open mic Nights (Downstairs)
Friday & Saturday - Band Nights (Upstairs)
For more info -
Twitter - @talk2f