Monday, 7 January 2013

On The Road...LA to Vegas

Well it’s been quite a few months since we got back from the west coast of America.  I have only just got over the complete and utter misery of being back here and just managed to get over the tour blues enough to sit and write this. Re-living the tour is creating that burning itch again to get back out on the road with the band (at least I hope that’s what that burning itch is :-/) 

There were highs and lows, the highs were nose bleed inducing, the lows just made for great stories once we were over it.

We arrived at Manchester airport without incident but within an hour we were almost a drummer down before even getting on the plane. Vince lost his boarding pass and just when it seemed everyone had got on the plane and we were about to take off, hearts pounding,  we saw a shiny bald beam of hope as Vince bounded up the aisle. Relief but hilariously just the first in a long line of calamity from Vince. Drummers eh?!  Arriving in LAX was such an overwhelming feeling, to think 3 lads from Liverpool descending on the city of angels. Our hostel was…. Let’s call it modest, we had no air con which would challenge relationships a few days later, our room made up of a bathroom that small you could use the toilet and have a shower at the same time, 2 sets of bunk beds which would house me, Nick, Adam and Vince for the next 18 days. 

The Global Onslaught tour brought together some awesome talent and great characters. Joining the tour was Adam, Kelly, Nancy and family the Global Onslaught team, Annie Lovell – superb solo artist, Throwdown Syndicate – our comrades on the tour, brilliant band and 3 amazing guys, Le May – again another great bunch of fellas and immense band who treated us to both live and acoustic sets. The lovely Randy Zuleta.  We also had 2 beautiful guests in the shape of Craig and Jimmy, who supplied endless laughs ‘Ye Buddy!!!!!’. 

Luckily a couple of days in Vegas was a treat but also not without drummer issues. We landed a luxury hotel which Vince was unable to check into as he couldn’t find his passport, Vegas was treated to views of Vince clothes strewn all over the lobby while he panicked about the whereabouts of his passport. Vegas was an amazing place a playground for adults, the original sin city. The gigs here where great but there is not much else I can say in a blog ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’.  

Still to come….
Drummer left wandering the desert, 4 Scouser’s lost in Compton, amazing gigs and more tour debauchery.
Love from the Tourwhore x