Wednesday, 13 November 2013


What can I say?

Its all over?

That’s all she wrote?

All good things must come to an end?

Fuck that noise, I never want it to end!

On the 13th November 2013 Overspill announced the end. I think I speak for all Overspill fans when I say this is heartbreaking news. It feels like a death and today we are in mourning.

Together since 2006 the band has enjoyed so much success. They have travelled all over the UK, Europe and America. They have given us amazing songs and the most memorable of gigs. Anyone who has ever been to an Overspill gig will surely agree when you are in the presence of this band it is to truly know you are in the presence of something great, something different, something very special.

This band has been a huge part of my life for more than 6 years. I have witnessed highs, lows and everything in between. I have been lucky enough to be involved in practices, gigs, photo/video shoots and I’ve had a blast! I have travelled to some amazing places with the band, LA, Vegas, Belgium and all over the UK it has been an absolute pleasure, we survived tiny hostel rooms, squeaky beds, deserts, Compton, and met other great bands along the way. I am honoured. Thanks lads for putting up with me all this time. Also putting up with  my camera in your faces morning, noon and night it has made for some excellent viewing over the years and memories that will stay with us all.

I am eternally grateful to the band for having me along for all the adventures its been a pleasure and I will never forget any of it.  I’ve found best friends in you all. Thank you so much. I wish each of you a world of happiness and success in whatever you do next you totally deserve it.

We will miss you!

I will be waiting in the mosh pit.


Love always

Rockwhore xxx