Friday, 9 December 2011

Preston - Population Four

Stumbled upon this... Population Four, a five piece band from Preston. After a quick look on their facebook page it was clear to see these guys are on the up. An impressive career so far including numerous 'battle of the band' wins, touring the UK and supporting some impressive established bands like Twin Atlantic and The Blackout to name but a few. They have also had a nod from Alex Baker from Kerrang! Radio which cant be bad!

Expectantly I pressed play, not to be let down as straight off its a kick of ROCK right in the preverbials. With loud guitars and generally great melodic beats, Rick has a powerful voice to match, genuinely impressive. In fact all the guys have great vocals that all work really well together except for their guitarist Cooko who apparently isnt allowed a mic ;-).  Their tunes put me in mind of a heavier version of Lost Prophets, all very catchy tunes you will have stuck in your head all night. My favourite had to be 'I Am' but it was hard to nail down just one.

Unfortunately Simon their drummer has announced he is leaving the band and at the moment there are no future plans for the band. Their final gig with Simon will be Rampage, Preston 23rd Dec so get your arses down there if you can.

I - Population One sincerly hope they get a drummer and get back on it in the new year, it would be a sad loss to the real live rock music scene.

Check out their facebook page and leave them props.!/hellyeahpopfour?sk=wall

In a bit x

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