Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lomax gets a good seeing to by Overspill

Saturday night 28th Jan the Lomax played host to the mighty Overspill.

Downstairs at the Lomax filled up quickly, drinks were flowing, anticipation was mounting.  This gig was Bassist Adam Knox first 'home' gig and everyone had turned up to show their support.  When the lads hit the stage the atmosphere was electric. The 'mob like' crowd were ready for anything.

They kicked off under the bright lights of the Lomax stage, with the heavy riffs of 'My Peeling Skin'. "Turn down the lights that burn my peeling skin" The crowd sang (or rather chanted) back at the top of their lungs in sync with front man Nick, bouncing in time to Vince's mental drumming.
The crowd was already rocking when the guys burst into to 'Heavy Smoker' a massive crowd favourite. Being in the crowd was certainly not for the faint hearted. The mosh pit was insane and there was even a welcomed stage invasion which only seemed to spur the band on.  We later learned this was a "Welcome to the band" for Adam by the self proclaimed mosh pit leader David Brown.

Finished another amazing set with 'Run For Your Life', Nick approaches the front of the stages and took a greatly enjoyed mobbing by the fans. What more can I say, it was a hell of gig!

The guys were extremely grateful to all that showed up and if you want to catch the guys gigging near you be sure to check out their links below.

Twitter  @overspillmusic

See you next time in the mosh pit x

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