Friday, 13 January 2012


Friday night 6th of January Camden's famous Dublin Castle played host to Liverpool's very own Overspill.

The venue itself is great, very welcoming and the back room is a perfect size for creating that intimate feeling for gigs. The stage however was a bit on the small side, with barely enough room for the band, amps, kit, pedal boards and egos.

The lads kicked the set off with crowd favourite 'Heavy Smoker'. Its hard, fast tempo together with front man Nick's strong, gravelly voice and hooker fucking lyrics never fail to get the crowd bouncing. A superb set list tonight including the immense 'Pills For The Pain' and my personal favourite 'Anaesthetized', this has the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

This gig was new bass player Adam Knox debut, he was cool, calm and never missed a note.  A debut gig to an away crowd wasn't going to be easy, but he blew us away. An awesome performance from them all, I can only imagine what's to come at his home crowd debut, Saturday 28th January at Liverpool Lomax.

Those of you attending the Lomax gig are in for a treat and a surprise or two. I am saying no more than that!

See you all in the mosh pit!

Twitter: @overspillmusic

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