Sunday, 10 June 2012

The first Rockwhore ft Global Onslaught night

Saturday 2nd June 2012 – what a night!
Line up:
Chris Hose
Something Personal

Hell of a night! The crowd really did make this an epic night so thanks to you all for coming complete with stage invasions, topless men and an appearance from Bez apparently this night had it all. I must give a special big up to Frank at the Lomax for having such a great venue and always a crazy host. You rock!

The night kicked off with Chris Hose. An excellent start to the show!  A relatively new acoustic artist from Liverpool who is making a name for himself throughout the city. He has such a brilliant voice one of rock but that transcends effortlessly into this acoustic set up. His tunes are catchy and sung from the heart. His interaction with the crowd was effortless and he managed to turn his set into a very intimate affair. He got the crowd warmed up just right and they clearly loved what they were hearing.  ‘Watch the clouds’ is a song that never fails to send shivers down my spine and get me singing along. Such a catchy song  but the lyrics – ‘does God really exist or is it just stone age hippies taking the piss’ has me in heathen uproar, with my profession being the oldest and good old Mary Magdalene on my side leave it out.  Just having a laugh the lyrics really are great and I know it’s written from the heart and experience. 

Grimanga where up next and I couldn’t be happier that they were gracious enough to join in the Rockwhore night.  They were a joy to behold and it was so great to see a band having fun onstage as much as they did. You can’t help enjoy it with them and join in as the already forming mosh pit showed us. Can’t recommend you catch these lads enough they were so tight as a band and I hope to have them back to the next Rockwhore night very soon. Everyone I spoke to were so impressed with the lads and they really are a great bunch.

Up next were our new favourite Welshmen Something Personal. This was there last gig with their current drummer and I think you could tell as they went hell for leather. They went down a storm; they are so full of charisma and have an excellent onstage presence and energy.  Playing to the away crowd they had the mosh pit in full on riot mode and it was clear everyone loved them.  They have such melodic songs that you will be singing long after the gig is over and Jono has a voice that put me in mind of a more recent Billie Joe Armstrong (Never a bad thing). Overall very impressed with our visitors from the valleys and can’t wait to have them here again real soon.

Crowd favourite and UK up and comers Overspill were the headliners for tonight’s events.  It has to be said it was one of their best sets to date.  The lads were tight and clearly raucous. A stage invasion from a Bez hopeful and the t-shirts and bras that were thrown onstage were all taken in stride. They kicked off with the heavy riffed ‘Run for your life’ leading straight into a popular crowd favourite ‘Heavy Smoker’. Awesome!
The extra-long set the lads got went down a treat with their football hooligan like crowd, who were only spared on by Nick coming down into the crowd for a bit of interaction where he was consequently mobbed by Overspillians.  ‘Where are my bones’ was superb and I for one can’t wait for a recording for my IPod! This was the lad’s last gig before they set off for the sunnier climbs of LA and Vegas as they are embarking on a West coast tour of USA in July. I am sure all fans will join me in wishing them all the luck in the world and hope to see them in the UK very soon.  They ended their set with the rock hard ‘First time on my own’. I was honoured to be plucked from the crowd to join them onstage to sing the last chorus with Nick. I can tell you I was one happy whore!

It was an amazing night and hopefully lots more to come!
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