Sunday, 10 June 2012

Quash the rumors

Quash is an amazingly different Irish/folky style singer/guitarist based in Liverpool, I was lucky enough to see him in the Lomax a short time ago. I have since seen a lot of comments about him floating around cyberspace and thought I better show my appreciation to him before the crowds take him.  He had me hooked from the first note. He is one of the most unique acts I've seen in a very long time. He is not what I expected at all, with his gravely, strong voice and folksy tunes grabbed he my attention immediately and his extremely well written songs were a pleasure to witness. Overall an excellent musician and it excites me the fact that he is so young and has so much time for massive success. He puts me in mind of old Irish rebel music and I was waiting for a version of 'Armed cars and tanks and guns' at any moment, he really is a breath of fresh air. The most innovative artist in Liverpool right now, he has first collection of songs out now ' Out of the woodwork' so I urge you all to have a gander.

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  1. Top talent,unique in land usually filled by Lipa sheep. Big future ahead, definitely one to watch and more important go and see play!


  2. Totally agree .If you see he's playin go see,you wont be sorry!!