Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hush now and listen up!

Thanks to the Global Onslaught team and website I was lucky enough to discover some really awesome new/upcoming bands. The website is a one stop shop for all your 'new music' needs from all over the world. Living in Liverpool there is no need for me to miss out on the happenings of a new band in say Australia or to miss anything about my new obsession (and admittedly girl crush) The Hush.  Check the site out, you will not be disappointed, there is so much going on out there in music land that you should not miss! The site complete with podcasts, video of the week, band bios and all the info you could possibly need....
The Hush is such a well put together band with melodic songs and such high onstage energy. I recently listened to ‘Hold You Down’ the hook of this song sent shivers down my spine and I have not stopped listening since. What an amazing voice and totally hot too ;-) Ironic that they are called The Hush as they totally blew me away.
She can put anyone under her command with this voice and embodiment of pure power, attitude and sexual prowess. With great riffs and a gang of musical talent this band will just grab you. With a 7 song EP (Scene of the Crime) under their belts, singles and now an awesome premiere video this has got to be a band to watch out for in 2012 and I can’t wait to catch them live.
The Hush is an LA band that is gaining well deserved recognition. A unique female fronted rock outfit that are ‘Rock’ but also extremely commercial. This band can travel across the genres and ‘the pond’. They would be a smashing success in old Blighty I can tell you.
You could look upon other female fronted rock bands for comparison but you would be at a loss as there is definitely NO comparison. I guarantee you will not be able to switch them off!

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  1. Had a listen to The Hush....also blown away!
    Thanks for the blog Rockwhore x